What is Mastopexy? (breast lift)


  • Many women who have been dissatisfied with loose, heavy, or drooping breasts have benefited from breast lifts. It is not uncommon to have this surgery done in combination with minimum incision breast augmentation. To correct the various degrees of sagging, Dr. Boss removes excess skin from around the nipple and the bottom of the breast and then manipulates the skin to tighten the drooping area. At the same time, Dr. Boss raises the nipple to a higher position. If the breasts are large and heavy, Dr. Boss can also remove excess breast tissue while reshaping the breasts. Of course, as in all of Dr. Boss’s cosmetic procedures, special techniques are employed to minimize scarring.



What is recovery like?


  • A surgical dressing is usually placed to protect the incisions. Rest is usually advised for the first few days. Some swelling, bruising and minor discomfort may be experienced. Depending on the type of breast surgery, you may be required to wear a special kind of supportive bra. Pain medication and antibiotics may be prescribed. Most of the symptoms subside in a short time. Sutures are removed within one to two weeks. Most people return to work within 7 – 10 days. While light activities can be resumed within a few days, routine physical activity and exercise should be avoided for few weeks. Dr. Boss will advise you when you can resume normal activity. Following your procedure, it will take a few weeks before you begin to see your new shape.